Benefits of Using Microsoft 365 Office

The business productivity and its growth depend completely on the shoulders of knowledge workers who implement their expert skills to make the tasks easier and faster. The professionals need countless things to accomplish business processes such as spreadsheets, presentations and rich documents that can only be obtain in critical business communications. Creating and sharing valuable information with the colleagues, business partners and customers make it easy for the individuals to collaborate and perform well. However, all these competent challenges can be sorted with the help of microsoft 365 Office suite of products. The MS Office 365 is a perfect business suite of applications that maximizes productivity of individuals and teams, as well. With the intervention of Office 365, the organization's productivity is brought to the cloud and it benefits by delivering all required service features for business transition to cloud. Here are some of the benefits of office 365

1.Office Online

This perfect Office 365 suite boosts the Office desktop client experience with SharePoint Online. There is no need to worry if you do not own an internal SharePoint, all you need to do is use SharePoint Online to perform all desired functionalities. A business can be benefited with information management, access to rich collaboration and business intelligence capabilities while using SharePoint Online. Besides, it helps in Sharing and managing Important documents and Synchronizing various teams working in an organization

2.Real Time Communications

Lync Online and Exchange Online helps in creating strong hosted communications infrastructure for professional interactions with customers, partners and colleagues. The Exchange Online offers calendar, contacts, tasks infrastructure and email. Besides, it provides end-to-end functionality of internal Exchange deployment, like publishing busy/ free data, MailTips and presence information. The Outlook Web App, under Exchange Online services like google spreadsheet , gives complete functionality features across various web browsers.

With Lync Online, a user can easily access hosted version of MS Lync server for providing secure, reliable and real time communication platforms with excess of next generation abilities. Lync is helpful in giving anytime anywhere instant messaging service, online meetings, video and audio calling and web conferences.

3.Administration and Provision

The Microsoft Office 365, subscription by VedicCloud, is really cost effective. It urges users to pay only for the services they have actually used. The users can make most advantages of 3 different subscription plans, including Office 365 for small business, enterprise and education. Every service plan is opted if it meets overall requirements depending upon the size of the organization. Additionally, the IT management dashboard enables a user for resetting passwords, adding new users, creating security groups, adjusting subscription tiers and managing service requests. All these services help in delegating administrative control on the granular levels and gives access to colleagues for specific administrative functionalities.