How to Create a Google Form

If you wanted to create a form on your website or your online page, then learning how to create a Google Form is a must. There are many advantages which you will surely enjoy if you use Google Forms on your website. One of the best thing about Google Forms is that you will be able to get answers fast. You can whip up a quick poll, you can create a pop quiz, and then collect names and emails. Gathering information from any mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones is a lot easier now.

Here's how you can create a Google Form and google sheets  in 10 simple steps.

1. You need to login to

2. Go to New and then google forms survey , which is located on the left button and on the top of the navigation bar.

3. Write a Title on the Untitled Form

4. On the next box, you will then have to describe what your Google Form is all about.

5. You will then find a next box, which is titled as name. Use this for typing a name of your client or customer. It is really up to you whether you will leave it or you will edit it. You can easily edit it by just placing your mouse courser over it - you will then find a pencil icon, and then click on it. Aside from a pencil icon, you will also find an image of a trash can or a bin, and if you want to delete it, then click the trash can image. The amazing thing about Google Forms is that you will also be able to create a copy of it or duplicate it.

6. You can now proceed in creating your questions. Bear in mind to type in a title for your questions.

7. Another advantage of Google Form is that it includes a Help Text. If you want to give further instruction on what kind of information that should be filled in the box, then use Help Text.

8. Then you will also see Type. It is up to you what kind of questions you are going to use - be it Multiple Choice, Choose Form, Check Boxes, Scale, Text, or Paragraph Text.

9. You will also have the freedom to choose whether or not you are going to make a certain question or questions required. You can just easily check the box to enable it.

10. Then click Done.